Dani Ceballos

When linked with Barcelona or Real Madrid you must have special talent and Real Betis midfielder Dani Ceballos has been rumoured with a move to the Spanish giants. After a breakout season in the La Liga he’s impressed every fan and showed he has huge potential in the game.

Who is he?
Ceballos is a 20-year-old midfielder plays for Real Betis in Spain, the Spanish Under-21 international was key in their recent success this summer and since becoming a main central midfielder (Formally a left-midfielder) he has been reborn and shown his potential and quality.

How does he play?
The former Sevilla man loves to go forward and is intelligent in his play, he drives forward and isn’t afraid to take on a player in trying to create a chance for himself or his teammates. He likes to play them looping cross field balls and always looks to have nice build-up play at a high tempo.

As he becomes more mature he keep on developing and be that world-class player that everybody is expecting him to become.

The Spaniard is a technically gifted midfielder who is a skilled dribbler and pin-point passer, long or short he has a quality skill set of passing – of which many players don’t have. He posses great work-rate and his defensive contribution is very good considering he used to be an attacking winger.

As quality as Ceballos is, everybody has their weaknesses and he has some aspects of his game to improve upon; He needs to add a couple more goals to his game, to become that complete box-to-box midfielder he needs 10 goals a season to really step it up to that next level.

Again he just needs to touch up on his final ball and that is likely to come from experience, but he needs to get a couple more assists – one reason why he may not of got that many assists is the chances he is making are not being finished by his teammates, but overall he can be that 20+ goals and assists per season player and this will come if/when he joins a better team.

Where could he play?
The obvious answer is Barcelona and Real Madrid, he is capable of making the first-team at a young age and his style suits the Spanish style. Manchester City would compliment the style of Ceballos, their midfield could just need Ceballos to control the midfielder they don’t have an energetic central midfielder and he would fit the bill – otherwise I don’t think he’d suit many other clubs in the Premier League baring maybe Arsenal. 

In conclusion he is a very talented player with a big future in the game.